"Thank you for
the excellent work on
the statistical analysis
for our study. I am
most grateful for
your availability to
immediately attend to
the work and very
much appreciates your
attentiveness to detail
without indulging
in excess and
unnecessary issues."

Linda Hanifin Bonner, President
Hanifin Associates






Research is all about providing you with information you can use. At Adirondack, we believe that research is an important tool in decision-making. Having the information on what your customers or members want and like or dislike can save you time and money.


Adirondack Communications call help you with a variety of research needs by:

Using the Right Methods
There are many ways to collect the information you need. At Adirondack, we have expertise and experience in a wide range of data collection methods such as focus groups, mail surveys, telephone surveys, in-person surveys and Internet surveys. We will work with you to determine the best methods with your goals and budget. Adirondack has the methodological expertise to ensure that all data collections will provide you with the most accurate data possible.

Asking the Right Questions
Developing new questions is often more difficult than most people anticipate. Those immersed in a topic are surprised how little respondents know or care about the topic and often assume knowledge that respondents may not have. Respondents may not be able to answer questions that include jargon. Questions need to be developed so respondents can answer the question and provide useful data for the organization. Adirondack acts as an interpreter between you and your respondents, ensuring you get the information you need.

Understanding the Results
After collecting the data, Adirondack works with you to interpret what it means. Adirondack has the statistical background and tools to not only tell you what the data shows but why. And most importantly, what it means for organization.

Adirondack offers a number of different types of research.


Adirondack prepared a white paper for its association clients on “Things to Think About When Doing a Survey”

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